The Top 7 Challenges Of Facilities Management.

Supplier management.

Supplier management is an important aspect in facilities management Services keeping in mind that vendors and suppliers provide goods and services needed in operations. Management of suppliers and vendors is one of the major challenges facing facilities management. Vendors determine the cost, quality and therefore proper vendor management makes it possible to control operations. Facilities management is faced by issues like controlling vendor prices and quality of goods.

To address this challenge, vendors should be selected based on performance, pricing, certification and also qualification in their area of expertise.

Making decisions without enough information.


Information is power and the same rule applies in facilities management. All important decisions must be based on reliable information in order to achieve the desired results. The problem is many facilities do not have the right systems needed to capture reliable information. This results to making decisions based on unreliable data and this ends up bringing more problems.

To capture present data and store past data it is important to have proper structures in place. Many facilities rely on excel sheets that are not reliable. Bigger and complex structures are necessary to get the right information for decision making.

Trying to do more with limited resources.

do more

Limited resources is a big challenge in facility management especially human resources. There is always a need of trying to do more but resources limit this. Facilities are trying to create systems that will enable them do more even with fewer resources. For instance in the area of communication and paperwork with vendors, facilities are abandoning e-mail and phones as way of communication because they are too exhausting.

Facilities are now creating a common system where the vendors can interact with the facilities in a common platform. Using this system it becomes easier to monitor prices from vendors and also order management in an easier manner.

Prolonging the life span of assets.

Increasing the life span of assets is a challenge in facilities management. Assets are bound to deteriorate from time to time but the aim challenge is trying to prolong the life as much as possible. To increase life span of assets, doing regular preventive maintenance at minimum cost is a necessary step.

To prolong the life span of assets preventive maintenance is seen as a better way compared to doing repairs after break downs that end up being more costly.

Saving cost.


A lot of cost is incurred in facility management because this is where the actual operations are done. If cost of operations is minimized at the facility level then the profitability is highly increased. The specific areas where cost should be minimized include warranty work management, control of prices with vendors and call avoidance. Producing quality output in a facility is also important because cost of repairs is saved by the facility.

There are many cost areas in a facility and it is important that facility managers identify specific areas and know how to save cost incurred in those areas.

Regulation and compliance standards.


Keeping up with regulation and compliance standards is a big challenge facing facilities management. These are legal requirements that need to be met for a facility to continue with its operations. Some regulations and standards are too strict to adhere while others have a lot of cost implications. The regulations and standards depend on the industry and most facilities are barely trying to comply with the required standards.

Facilities should continue familiarizing themselves with the required regulation and standards to stay on top. They can also benchmark from the leading facilities in the industry in terms of compliance.

Social responsibility and environmental concerns.


Facilities have now to keep up with corporate social responsibility and give back to the society. This is becoming a concern and all facilities must take be responsible for the environment around them. Environmental concern is also another challenge because facilities have to take care of the environment around them. Activities like pollution are becoming a great concern and facilities are being encouraged to adopt safe ways of disposing off waste from the facility. Most facilities are still struggling with trying to adopt environment friendly operation procedures that do not affect the environment in any way. Both social and environmental responsibility have cost implications on facilities management.

Tips and safety measures on repairing a leaking rubber roof

Big storms and rainy season often results in damaged or collapsed rubber roofs. The cost of repairing such roofs can at time be high depending on the damage. Secondly, the repair process may call for the services of a roof expert. However, with some little skills and the needed tools, it is possible to repair leaking EPDM rubber roofing within a short period. Nevertheless, it is important to note that repairing or climbing on the rooftop on rainy days is not advisable as it may lead to accidents. As a safety measure, it is advisable to have a roof ladder as well as a safety rope.

Dangers of having a leaking roof

leaking roof

Before embarking on some of the methods to repair a leaking roof, it is important to highlight some of the dangers of having a leaking/ damaged roof. To start us off is the fact that the leak may spread the damage to other roof segments. Such a condition can led to increased costs or even having to change the entire roof.

Secondly, a leaking roof pose great danger to the entire households especially in houses fitted with electricity. Such leaks can not only lead to damaging of electrical appliance but can as well lead to accidents such as electrocution. Lastly, the leaking roof may expose the family members to harsh weather conditions such as harsh sun rays or freezing cold.

Tips in repairing a leaking rubber roof

Well, the first step ought to be locating the source of the leak; this is to be followed by wholly removing or cutting the damaged section. After cutting off the damaged area, one can now fit a repair using some nails depending on the roofing material. In areas where multiple leaking is experienced, it is important to engage the services of a roofing expert. Other instances that may call for professional services may include an old repair that is not holding, multiple leaks along the walls. It is important to note that leaks that spread to the walls can at times be hard to trace.

epdm tips

Another tip related to roof repair is to always check out for any possible aerial obstructions such as overhead cables. Secondly, it is always advisable to work with another person; such a person may come in handy during accidents. Lastly, it is always important to switch off the power supply before engaging in any major house renovations not forgetting that you need to relocate all appliances and furniture to a safer location.


Going on Holiday by Plane

People opt for different means of travelling when going on holiday. The distance to be covered, the cost and the time taken are some of the deciding factors of choosing the transport type. Without doubt planes have become a favourite mode of transport for many over the past few decades but as usual, everything has its pros and cons.


The first positive thing about planes is that they are a fast way to get to your holiday resort. They make it easy to travel the world in hours rather than days hence you will reach your holiday destination quickly. This factor also eliminates the chance of you arriving at your destination when extremely tired due to long road trips. Planes are convenient, as a passenger you just sit back and enjoy the ride and let the pilot and crew take you on your journey, you just board the plane order a drink or food and relax.



Entertainment, meals etc. are managed adequately by the staff, plus the pilot does all the driving. Flying can be a relaxing way to travel as it gives you a chance to chill out and read a book or watch a movie on your way to your holiday destination or even use that extra time to work. Long haul flights are usually a bit more spacey and comfortable with extra leg room and a more comfy seat but shorter journeys of four hours or less are usually done by short haul planes which are similar to a coach with limited leg space and entertainment. Most airlines provide drinks for sale on board as well as snacks and meals but they can be very expensive.



The first problem with air travel usually starts at the airport for most people. There are usually long queues at ticket and security points, some people feel harassed by the security checks and you have to be at the airport for quite a long time before boarding the plane. The fixed time of travel means that any element of lateness will result to one missing their flight. Flying is not ideal for some travellers; especially if sight-seeing along the way is on your agenda, the fast mode of travel through the air means that travellers miss the chance to site see different places other than a fleeting glance as you fly by. For many people a flight basically eliminates the fun of travelling. Travelling to far places results in long hours on the plane. This proves to be uncomfortable for some people. The cost of air travel is more expensive than other means such as cars and trains. The longer the trip, the more the prices rise.

All in all, air travel is a decision that can only be made by a traveller after analysing their needs. It is a good form of transport depending on one’s preference and ability.


Fly Fashion Trends Across The Globe

The world of fashion is simply amazing. Fashion trends change so fast in the world today but the good thing is that the versatility of options is always maintained. Different continents in the world seem to develop a particular spectacular sense of fashion that is unique to them. Its popularity spreads around the world and that’s how a trend comes around. Let’s indulge in this amazing world.

African Ankara (tribal)


The African Ankara design is popularly known as tribal. African traditional wear comprised of clothing with amazing patterns. The evolution of this fashion trend has hit the waves of late with different aspects being brought alive. Traditionally, it came in conservative forms of long dresses and skirts for women and wraps for men. Its versatility has been explored with amazing designs such as short skirts, pants; both fitting and loosely held, long dresses and skirts and head-wraps. The tribal wear is not only limited to clothes; shoes and bags can also be created with these patterns. With clothes it can be worn as print on print, meaning both top and bottom wear have the same print, or even different prints; also, it can be worn with a solid colour at either the top or bottom.

Colour your world Asia


Asia is commonly known for the traditional saris, hans and kimonos. These dead fashion trends were recently brought to life through exquisite manipulation of the original wears. The conservativeness of the clothing is maintained but some skin is shown here and there. The Indian sari offers the chance of showing skin at the arms and the belly. The Chinese hanfu has of late been shortened to considerable lengths but the silk material has been maintained. The Japanese kimono is now being created in form of dresses, pants and sweater wrap-arounds. Asian fashion trends follow the use of lots of colour and emphasis on details. This feature of colour also brought about the floral patterns on clothes, shoes and accessories.

Bold America

aa-american fashion

American fashion is extremely bold. Current trends feature showing hints of skin in an elegant form. This fashion is championed by trends such as chiffon, lace, sheer and cropped tops. Chiffon and lace are very versatile since they can work well for both formal and casual wear. Chunky jewellery is also a key feature of American fashion. The use of geometric patterns on clothes is part of the sleek American fashion. Colour, patterns and designs are the main elements of this trend.

Straight Europe


Europeans have always been conservatives, which is great since the whole world can’t be so bold and showy. European fashion focuses on classy jackets and hats. Military-buttoned jackets are amazing for both men and women, be it in form of long trench coats or fitting day jackets. European fashion centers around the use of bold, solid uni-colours and patterns. Long skirts and fitting tops, fitting pants and loosely held tops or loose pants and fittings tops are the most followed trends.

Of late, the evolution of old fashion trends seems to be happening in all parts of the world. A combination of all these trends would work well for anyone’s closet. The bonus point is that these fashion trends apply to both male and female of almost all ages.


Different Cultures around the World

The need for greater cultural understanding is steadily gaining awareness in schools and universities all over the world for various reasons. Sweeping global issues continuously dominate our radios, televisions, newspapers, and internet portals on a daily basis. For mankind to fully gain a sound perspective on all the dynamics surrounding these events, they must first acquire complete understanding of the diverse cultures and societies from around the world globe. Humans need to comprehend how the different cultures around the world helped contemporary global issues as well as how it affects their future.


Examples of different world cultures

The purpose of this piece is not only to inform on the different cultures around the world, but to also educate on common misconceptions that some may have.

• African culture: Most Westerners treat Africa as if it were a single country. Most Africans believe in many gods, alongside practicing Christianity or Islamic religions. Africa is also famous for its diversity in music and dance styles which include Afro-beat, Mbalax, Makossa, Soukous, among others. Polygamy is accepted in some African tribes.
• Hispanic culture: The Hispanic population encompasses Mexicans, Cubans, Spaniards, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Guatemalans, and any other groups that consider Spanish their first language. Hispanics are well known for having close-knit family groups which they consider their most important social unit. Their family units usually extend beyond just the nuclear family. Hispanic people also place great value on their overall appearance to symbolize their sense of honor, pride, and dignity, or Machismo, in short. Religion is a significant influence in their daily lives, and more than 90% of Hispanics are Roman Catholics.

• Indian culture: India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Its citizens also practice Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity to a lesser extent. Hindus revere the cow, which they consider sacred and are not allowed to eat. Indian cuisine is famed for its curries and versatile vegetarian dishes. Indian curry is included as a national dish in countries like South Africa and the United Kingdom due to the large number of Indians residing there.

• Japanese culture: There are two major religions observed by the Japanese: Buddhism and Shintoism. Popular martial arts like Judo, Karate, and Jujitsu also originated from Japan and have today spread to literally every corner of our planet. Sumo wrestling is the National Sport of Japan. Due to being an island nation, Japanese cuisine consists mostly of seafood varieties popularly represented by sushi.

• Arab culture: From a cultural and linguistic perspective, the term “Arab” is used to refer to people who speak the Arabic language as their vernacular, and who mostly live in the Middle East and North Africa. All Arabs are united both culturally and historically, although they are not considered members of a single race. A majority of Arabs practice Islam, with small pockets of Christian and Jewish Arabs being found in some areas.



All cultural history, no matter how remote, can help in explaining how our world evolved into what it is today. This can enhance our understanding on why modern global influences are generally looming larger than ever before. Cultural issues are at work everywhere, because globalization and immigration have made our planet a melting pot of people from diverse heritages. Hopefully, the few cultural tidbits detailed above will be enough to get you curious enough to investigate further aspects of the different cultures around the world.

Your New Self

The Journey Called Self Improvement

Your New Self

Self-improvement, in simple terms is one’s quest for growth – physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. The growth is mainly self-guided and is directed towards actively improving one’s quality of life and living. A number of authors have highlighted the immense value of improving one’s former self, for the change is always welcome for both, one’s own personality and for the world in general.

The Need For Self Improvement

None of us are born perfect. However, each one of us has scope to change ourselves for the better. In the course of life, many opportunities present themselves before us, encouraging and inspiring us to improve and become better individuals. Self-growth is important to make the most of what we are and also to attain success in the extremely competitive world of today. Besides, it is also essential for the realisation of our dreams.

Guide To Self-Improvement

The secret to personal growth lies in identifying our weaknesses and setting up goals aimed at changing ourselves in a positive way. For instance, a student who finds it difficult to concentrate in his studies can aim to enhance his concentration power by consciously making an effort to introspect and find out ways to better himself. He can try to tone up his brain through mental exercises, practice meditation or seek help from professionals who can help him increase his ability to concentrate. Here are a few tips and tricks that can unleash the positivity in us and guide us to the path of becoming wholesome people in more ways than one:

* Discover your passion to become a better version of your previous self.

* Remember to be patient. Skills take time to build. Brick by brick, day by day, you will be able to construct a solid foundation of a new you.

* Be an optimist and seek company of people who encourage you to achieve your goal.

* Embrace discipline. Things like timetables and schedules can go a long way in changing us for the better. As they say, ‘You make your habits and then habits make you.’

* Remind yourself to be open to constructive criticism. Trust your family and well-wishers, their intentions will always be right.

* Develop hobbies. There is no age-barrier to start reading books or playing tennis.

*Let bygones be bygones. Overcome your fears and march bravely into the arms of the future.

* Be aware of the world around you. General knowledge is power in every way. It brings confidence and strengthens self-image.

* Consider your life as a journey and not a destination. Half of the fun lies in getting there and the learning experiences of the journey are worth it, anytime, anywhere.

* Stay motivated. Find reasons to create a space for yourself in the world.

All of us have the potential and scope for self-improvement which goes beyond who we are, where we came from or what we have been doing in the past. Self -improvement is ultimately related to becoming happy people who are generous, forgiving, wise and contented. Promise yourself a reincarnation of sorts!


Kids as young as 7 learning computer coding

Within our schools it has become more and more important for children to learn how to use a computer from a young age, children at a nursery school age are now being introduced to ICT, what starts off as simply learning how to click with a mouse from the age of 3 or 4 develops up to using all aspects of a computer to interact with daily life and using a computer for research as well as online games and shopping, all is taught eventually.


Recently there have been major changes in the think tanks that control our children’s curriculum, although children have been taught how to use a computer and software not all have been taught what actually makes a computer do what you ask of it when you click the mouse or log onto a website.


From September 2014 ICT will be replaced by the new G.C.S.E  subject in computing, this will involve a few changes but the one that is probably most important is that children will actually be taught how to create, read and write coding, coding is the actual language that the computer reads to do absolutely everything it does, from turning on to printing to actually creating webpages from scratch, it all involves coding of one type or another.


Primary schools in England are to have lessons in computer programming and coding as part of the school curriculum from September 2014. Teaching programming can be fun for children as young as five. Amongst other things they are taught to use technology safely and to keep personal information private, they also learn about communication on line and how to be careful using such programs as Skype etc. Programming from scratch will give a child a view from the ground up of ICT technology and teach them how to predict behaviours from simple programs by using logical reasoning. Gaining this experience when young is essential as today’s young are the next generation of inventors and innovators.


In Britain we are somewhat behind some countries when making these important changes to the national curriculum, countries such as Estonia are already teaching this in primary schools and have been teaching computer programming for some time now. Typically children as young as seven have already learnt to master these skills and put them to work, not just in theory, actually in practise, some of the children in an Estonian primary school had programmed some robots to move around. They have learnt that lots of things are programmable. They are taught the computer language as well as using them.


More time spent on computers may worry some parents, but time spent “learning” on a computer has got to be better than spending time on numerous gadgets that children play on these days, why not learn our children to produce things that will innovate others on a pc rather than play on something somebody else has produced. Children should always be encouraged to use technology.


Most students found the old ICT curriculum quite boring. Computing based on problem learning for children will be rigorous, exciting and very relevant. Children will be able to operate and express themselves in the digital world which is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Choosing the right Digital Media Company is vital

I have been looking for a website design and media company to help me with a project I have been working on. I sell personalised slippers and bath robes to suit all ages from toddlers to adult sizes.

I have been selling my products on places like E Bay and Amazon for some time now but the charges for using this service have escalated so much that it is becoming not commercially viable to continue. In addition to this both websites but especially Amazon are becoming really difficult to deal with, they keep un listing my products for no particular reason so I have the added effort of having to log back on and re-list things over and over again. I soon reached the conclusion that the best way for me to advance my little business was to have my own website designed and built.


Now I don’t know very much about the internal workings of websites and although I did lots of research to try and get my head around it all I shied away from having a go at building my own. I know companies like Go-Daddy advertise that you can build your own website quite easy but I didn’t fancy that option, plus my website needs to be e-commerce as well as multi-lingual so a DIY project is not the avenue I wish to go down.

I live in Yorkshire, UK, often referred to as Gods own county, the nearest big city to me is Leeds, Leeds is the financial capital of the north of England so I reckoned that finding a digital media company that can deliver me a fully e-commerce website would be relatively simple. How wrong I was….

I searched the internet and made a few phone calls, I rang about 10 companies, out of all the companies I rang I managed to get an appointment with 4 of them, the other six did not even bother to ring me back….How rude!

I visited all four companies only to be told that either my project wasn’t big enough for them to take on or they wanted to charge me more than I would possibly earn in 6 months from my sales just to build it for me, which is without the addition of bank charges for the e-commerce gateway etc I was very disappointed that most of these companies either thought they were above me in business status or wanted to basically rip me off.

I was becoming disheartened and beginning to feel that I would never get this done when a friend recommended a company called Strategic Digital Media, a UK SEO company that does great web design, he said he had used them in the past and was happy with their work. He also said that they will work on any size of project as his was only a small website too.


I contacted them and they agreed to a meeting the following Monday which I felt was pretty quick considering it was Thursday when I called them. I went along to the meeting with a new burst of enthusiasm. I found the guys at Strategic Digital Media Ltd to be easy to get along with, no jargon just straight forward language that I could actually relate to and understand what they were suggesting for me.  I explained in detail what I needed to the guys and they promised to come back with a price within the next few days, I was waiting in anticipation for the email to arrive, which it did about three days later and I was very happy, they had clearly listened to what I asked for and added some great ideas that I had not even considered. The price was very reasonable too so I signed up the very next day. I have seen some mock ups of how the finished website will look but they are building it as I write, I really can’t wait to see it finished and have it working and live.

So if you are looking for a no nonsense company that doesn’t rip you off but delivers on its promises, regardless of how small the project is then speak to these guys as they are brill.